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Kota Hijau's Infographic book is a publication tools to promote green and sustainable city development in Indonesia. This program is conducted by The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing Republic of Indonesia. It's a long term campaign program that creates public awareness of the urgency of sustainable city for everyone. Our target audience are; Policy makers, private sector, academics, and green community. Thus, we need to produce an acceptable visualization for all audience that can be easily digestible without reducing the urgency of the messages. Some of them are willing to read more information about the issues, but some other need a more simple and fast information. So we're not only creating infographic book, but also a fold poster that summarize all the content on the book. 

Our scope of works including:

1. Data framing and copywriting

2. Infographic copywriting

3. Infographic design

4. Book layout

5. Infographic Poster summary

Client / 

Kementerian PUPR


Role / 

Editorial Design and Infographic


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2020 Poligrabs Creative Studio

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