For any program or app, an interface can be the difference between engagement and abandonment. When designing a hub for collecting and conveying critical stats it’s important to avoid tropes like lists or tables, which can get confusing — or just boring — very quickly. Make your metrics user-friendly with a dashboard design that focuses on UI and expert visual communication practices; this showcases your information clearly and with concision, which improves the whole experience both for you and your end users.

PT Sriwijaya Mandiri Sumsel is an economic development catalyst for South Sumatra in particular and Indonesia in general through the development of Tanjung Api-Api Special Economic Zones.

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Treetment is a lifestyle brand for urban living focusing on nature scented products. Motivated by the balance of nature, we then create balance between modern lifestyle with natural touch. We also gather the best scent of nature to bring inspiration for your unique persona.

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