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Bergerak dan Bertumbuh : Cita-Cita, Sasaran & Strategi RPJMN 2015 - 2019

RPJMN is a mid-term strategic plan for Indonesian development. Usually, RPJMN was delivered as book bundle which have more than 3000 pages with a very technocratic formal writing. Beside the civil servant on the ministry and academician, nobody really understand the RPJMN. Thus, in 2015 KOMINFO with BAPPENAS initiate to make it more informative with some creative touch.

Poligrabs was hired not only as graphic designer, but also as creative consultant to produce this book.

This book was a giant leap for Infographic uses in government communication, especially for public information. It gain positive responses from all ministry. On the same year, our collaboration on infographic was continued with many programs and team development.

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Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informasi



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Content writer

Graphic Design

Creative director


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Poligrabs Creative


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