Report Book

Aceh Forest Economic Valuation

Reporting a research is not simple when you need to explain it to a wide range audiences. On this case, our client need to present their research to a wide range audiences, from the international community to the local policy makers in Aceh. So, on this project we are working hard to understand the research content and designing a desirable information for their audiences with infographic on every chapter. We summarize the research chapter from the introduction, methodology, and theory to the research output, chapter by chapter. We are enriching our infographic content by understanding the research aim and highlighting the most important information by combining editorial infographic style with data visualization. Not only the infographic reports, we are also transforming it into many visualization form such as; power point presentation, motion infographic and animated slide.

Our scope of work including:
1. Data framing and content writing

2. Infographic copywriting

3. Report Book layouting

4. Infographic design

5. Power point presentation

6. Motion graphic

Client / 

CEU Consulting

Agreeco Consortium

European Union


Role / 

Information design and visualization


Agency / 

Poligrabs Creative


Year / 


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2020 Poligrabs Creative Studio

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