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Tim Mobil Listrik ITB

Reporting a research output, especially on engineering field is a thoughtful challenges for our team. We need to craft a complex set of information into an easily digestible content without reducing the details. The main challenges is to understand every conceptual and technical words and transform it into the right form of visualization. So, our research team need to work more carefully to highlight the data and information to produce the right keywords to visualize the research. The audience is specifics, they are researchers, engineers and university students. But, not all of them understand the values of this research that aimed to inform that ITB research team is not only creating the electric cars, but also producing the main spare part that can be used for any electric cars. This is why this project is not only need an aesthetic tastes but also a comprehensive understanding for our audience to make sure they are well informed about the aimed of this research.

Our scope of works on this project including:

1. Data framing and content writing

2. Book layout

3. Infographic copywriting

4. Infographic design

5. Cover and Book packaging design

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